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When personal injury victims suffer physical or emotional harm, they often face a long and arduous road to recovery both physically and emotionally. The legal team at CHG understands the obstacles that injury victims experience, from medical expenses to lost wages due to time off from work, to the emotional trauma associated with their injury.

We strive to provide personalized attention and representation tailored for each individual’s legal needs. Our team of experienced attorneys is well-versed in providing legal advice and support through every step of the process Рfrom filing initial paperwork with insurance companies to negotiating settlements that are fair and just.

We have a track record of success with helping clients gain access to the compensation they deserve. Read actual client scenarios below.

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$650,000 Settlement Obtained for a Miami Shooting Victim

close-up of a gun barrel
When our client came to us, he had been turned down by multiple other law firms in town. These firms had failed to uncover a significant insurance policy and as a result, believed that the case was uncollectable. After conducting the kind of leave-no-stones-unturned investigation that we pride ourselves on, we discovered that there was a pocket of coverage that could benefit our client significantly.
As a result of our findings and applying pressure on the carrier, we were able to recover $650,000 for our client, who was able to pay his medical debt and bought a new house for his family.

$400,000 Settlement Obtained for Pedestrian Struck by a Car

Image of a car interior with a blurred street view
Our client was crossing a heavily transited road when she was struck by an oncoming car. She suffered physical injuries which while serious, appeared less serious than they would ultimately turn out to be. Our team was able to identify that the client needed to see a specialist for the manifestation of her injuries that the hospital staff had missed.
As a result of the quick and thorough response by our team, the client was able to not only receive the critical care treatment that she needed but received a $400,000 settlement.
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$260,000 Slip and Fall Settlement

Caution wet floor sign
Our client came to us after having fallen in the parking area of a commercial building. Before coming to us, the client tried to amicably resolve the case directly with the at-fault parties but was not treated fairly. Once we became involved in the case we were able to prepare the case for trial and ultimately tried the case to a jury in Miami.
After seeing our trial team’s presentation, the insurance company for the parties responsible agreed to settle the case for $260,000 to keep the jury from ultimately deciding the case. This result could not have been accomplished without the diligent, zealous work of our trial team, who left no stone unturned in the pursuit of justice.

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