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Slip & Fall Lawyers in Miami, FL

Secure Your Rightful Compensation After a Slip and Fall Incident

Have you been a victim of a slip and fall incident due to someone else’s carelessness? Our seasoned personal injury lawyers stand ready to furnish you with experience legal advice and have garnered millions in settlements for our personal injury clients in Miami, Florida.

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Navigating the slippery slope of slip & fall claims

If you’ve endured a slip and fall injury in a public space or at your workplace, you could be eligible for compensation. Slip and fall incidents can be distressing and often culminate in catastrophic repercussions. That’s why our dedicated attorneys are here to assist you throughout the legal procedure, ensuring you obtain the compensation you’re entitled to while you focus on regaining your normal life.

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Slip and Fall Miami Attorney Advocacy You Can Trust

We recognize personal injury claims can be multifaceted, involving various parties like insurance firms, employers, or property owners. This makes it vital to have a proficient slip and fall attorney to aid you. With our support, you’ll have a knowledgeable lawyer guiding you every step of the way. Not only do we aim to secure your compensation, but we also work to prevent others from enduring the same misfortune.

Simplifying the Process

Our slip and fall lawyers in the Miami-Dade area are committed to comprehending your unique situation and will vigorously protect your rights throughout the process. We will review all evidence, medical documents, scene photographs, witness accounts, and more to identify who is liable for the incident. Once all facts are assembled, we’ll make certain that any personal injury settlement discussions align with your best interests.

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Slip And Fall Claims Aid & Negotiations

You’ve suffered enough and shouldn’t face additional stress from arguing your case and navigating negotiations. Allow our experienced slip and fall accident lawyers near Miami, Florida to alleviate the pressure, applying their experience to acquire the compensation you’re entitled to while working to sidestep protracted and costly court trials.

Don’t take them on alone.
And don’t leave money on the table.

Don’t take them on alone. And don’t leave money on the table.

Our hassle-free approach to securing your deserved slip and fall compensation:


We’re committed to collecting the evidence needed to build your bulletproof case

Our attorneys are dedicated to understanding your individual case and will work hard to protect your rights throughout the process. We will thoroughly review all evidence, medical records, photographs taken at the scene, witness statements and others, to determine who is responsible for the accident. Once all facts are gathered, we’ll ensure that any settlement negotiations proceed with your best interests in mind.


Secure maximum compensation with our accomplished negotiation strategies

You’ve already suffered enough and shouldn’t have to endure more stress from arguing your case and battling negotiations. Let our experienced attorneys take the pressure off and use their professional knowledge to win the money you are entitled to whilst working to avoid lengthy and expensive court trials. 


Your legal advocates: unremittingly fighting for your rights in court and beyond

If your claim is denied, we’ll file suit and fight for your rights in court. You can rest assured knowing that our skilled attorneys are experienced in battling tactics used by defendants in court and have confidently handled many cases just like yours. We’ll support you through every step and won’t settle till full and fair compensation is awarded to you. 

You should feel protected by the
legal process - not scared of it.

“Hiring CHG Law was the best decision I made. They took my injury case, got right on it, and resolved my case sooner than expected.
These guys are amazing!!! Igor answered all of my calls and texts and if he couldn’t at that moment, he always called me right back. This law firm will be my lawyers for life… I highly recommend CHG for all of your legal needs.”
– Jose Perez

We can’t take the pain away.
But we can keep it from reaching your wallet.

We can’t take the pain away. But we can keep it from reaching your wallet.

Meet the team that’ll fight for your full recovery.

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Our promise: a faster, less stressful
claims process from start to finish

Our promise: a faster, less stressful claims process from start to finish

You won’t pay a penny unless we win

CHG Law do not take on cases we’re not 99% sure we can win. But if we don’t win yours, you don’t pay us.

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Call & email us. We’re here for you every step of the way. When you have questions, we’ll give you clear, prompt answers.

You’ll focus on your recovery

Leave the stressful negotiations with insurance companies and trial proceedings to us. So you can focus on what matters: feeling better.

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Frequently Asked Slip & Fall Questions

A valid slip and fall case typically involves proving that the property owner or manager knew or should have known about the hazardous condition and failed to take reasonable steps to address it. 

Compensation in slip and fall cases depends on the specifics of your situation, including the severity of your injuries, the extent of the property owner’s negligence, and any financial losses you’ve experienced. 

Please bring any relevant documentation, including medical records, accident reports, witness statements, photos or videos of the scene, and any communication with insurance companies or the property owner. This information will help us assess your case and provide you with appropriate legal advice.

Our personal injury firm works on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay no upfront fees or retainers. Instead, we receive a percentage of the compensation you receive in a settlement or court judgment. If you do not receive compensation, we do NOT charge you. 

“If you want peace of mind knowing that you have a zealous advocate as well as a trust worthy lawyer who is representing your best interests, Igor Hernandez is your guy.

If I could give an additional 5 stars for this review, I would! I am extremely satisfied with my overall experience with the law firm of Cornish, Hernandez, and Gonzalez. Partner Igor Hernandez handled my case from its inception, and I appreciate that he always kept me abreast about my case throughout the entire accident and injury claim. He is competent, knowledgeable, and works diligently to achieve the best results for his clients. I highly recommend.

– Ayana Duncan

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Cam Cornish, IV

Cam Cornish, IV is a Miami native with a proven track record helping injury victims fight back against powerful corporations and get the money that they need and deserve. Cam is all about results for his clients, everything else is secondary. 

Cam got his start as a lawyer at the Miami Dade County’s Public Defender’s Office where he honed his trial and litigation skills and successfully fought for his clients against all odds. 

When not fighting for injury victims, Cam enjoys spending time with his wife Claudia and their kids, and when the weather is right, kiteboarding.

Igor Hernandez

Igor Hernandez is a passionate and methodical advocate for personal injury victims. Born in a communist country (Cuba), Igor understands what it is like to have no access to justice, and he made it his life-long mission to make sure that his clients never have to learn what that feels like.

Igor got his start as a lawyer at the Miami Dade County’s Public Defender’s Office, where he zealously represented his clients in their pursuit of justice. Throughout his tenure there Igor became known as a fearless advocate for his clients.  

When not fighting for injury victims Igor enjoys spending time with his wife Kimberly and his two rescues Zuzu and Milo.

Dylan B. Gonzalez

Dylan B. Gonzalez is a charismatic presence in and outside of the courtroom. Before becoming a lawyer Dylan played baseball throughout his formative years and ultimately played for the St. Louis Cardinals as a right-handed pitcher. The discipline he developed in that high-pressure environment has helped him get amazing results for his clients. 

Dylan got his start as a lawyer at the Miami Dade County’s Public Defender’s Office, where he honed his craft and left a meaningful impact on all the lives he touched. 

When not fighting for injury victims Dylan enjoys training Brazilian jiu-jitsu, going to the gym, and spending time with friends.

Ira Combs, III

Ira Combs, III is a Michigan native and a proud US Navy veteran with a heart for helping people who have been wronged. In the US Navy he served our Country proudly, and he continues to serve by fighting for injured victims so that they can get their full measure of American civil justice. 

Ira got his start as a lawyer at the Miami Dade County’s Public Defender’s Office where he earned a reputation as a fierce, unyielding advocate for his clients before judges and juries. 

When not fighting for injury victims Ira enjoys spending time with his friends and visiting his family back home.

John L. Sullivan, III

John Sullivan, III is an amazing advocate for his clients. His approach to advocacy can best be described as methodical, skillful, and surgical. He leaves no stone unturned when fighting for injury victims to get the money that they deserve. 

John is a native of Boston, MA where he played competitive hockey growing up. The toughness he learned from that, combined with his sharp mind makes John a formidable adversary for anyone looking to derail his clients’ pursuit of justice. 

John got his start as a lawyer at the Miami-Dade Public Defender’s Office where he rose through the ranks until ultimately being assigned to the Major Crimes division which is made up of less than 5% of the lawyers in that office. 

When not fighting for injury victims John enjoys spending time with his wife Elsa, and their three kids, as well as catching a good game of hockey.