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If you’ve been injured in an accident through the fault of another you are entitled to have the side that caused your injuries make you whole by paying you for your injuries. You may be entitled to money for pain and suffering, loss of consortium, medical bills, future medical care, among many other things.

We take pride in helping you get your life back on track by holding those who caused your injuries responsible. To find out more click here.

You pay your insurance premium year after year, expecting that the insurance company will do the right thing when tragedy strikes. Unfortunately, often when tragedy strikes the insurance companies make excuses to not make good on their promise.

We have extensive experience helping home owners navigate the treacherous world of property insurance claims. Whether it is a hurricane claim, a roof leak, a drain pipe leak, or any other kind of property claim, we are here to help.

We always look forward to the opportunity to balance the scales and help you fight the uphill battle against the insurance companies to get the justice you deserve.